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Help us buy computers for our center by visiti (1)

One week ago we celebrated #GivingTuesday. We wanted to give everyone an update to let you know we were able to raise $710 for computers for our center. Thank you so much to everyone that prayed, shared emails, Facebook posts and spread the word. We are so grateful and will send pictures once the computers have arrived!


Help us buy computers for our center by visiti

Black Friday, Cyber Monday.
#GivingTuesday on November 27th

Please help us spread the word for #GivingTuesday one week from today. Forward this email to as many people as you know or copy this picture and post to your Facebook page. Last but not least just post this link on any social media and tag it with #GivingTuesday to help us raise awareness and support!

For #GivingTuesday we are raising money for computers for our center. Currently we have a beautiful area in our Library sitting ready for a computers. We need these computers not only for our Primary school but also for our Secondary school kids.

In our Primary school we want to give them the basics. Our secondary kids have to take their JAMB (SAT/ACT equivalent) on a computer. Some have never even used a computer before. Asking them to take an exam on a computer that will determine if they can get acceptance into University when they have never even used one, is just crazy. They become overwhelmed and end up failing the exam. We also want to teach them how to do research and type very well so they are ready for University.

Overall, having computers for our kids to use will help them in the future to excel in University and one day in interviews for jobs. Help us empower our children and spread the word on #GivingTuesday.


My home made birthday cake from Lenny and kids.

Thank you to all my friends, family members and supporters who made my birthday so wonderful. I spent my birthday in Kano, Nigeria with C.A.R.E. Africa, SIM, Lenny and kids. From coffee lattes and cake with my friend Jocelyn, to shopping for fabric in the local market, a package from the USA with a awesome t-shirt and a surprise homemade cake from Lenny after a 5 hour drive back to Jos from Kano….it was a great birthday.

Icing on the cake was that my birthday wish of getting a playground for my kids in Egbe was granted. Thanks to everyone $2,104 came in, of the $2,400 that I had asked for. I am so excited about this and cannot wait to send you all pictures of the kids playing on the new equipment. I will head to Egbe in a few weeks to start working on this along with many other items. Please pray for safe travels along with wisdom and discernment from God as C.A.R.E. Africa continues to grow.


Coffee Lattes and cake in Kano.


Fabric shopping with my favorite shopping partner!


My birthday gift all the way from America by post in only 11 days.



Dream come true!

family-preservationFamily Based Care is all the rave at any adoption/orphan conference and in any article, blog or discussion regarding orphans and adoption. There are hundreds of studies that show most children in orphanages are there because of poverty, not orphanhood. Many children we call “orphans” have some form of family that would care for them if they had the means. Strengthening families is the best way to meet the needs of orphans and other vulnerable children.

When Emma and I started C.A.R.E. Africa we agreed to do everything we could to keep kids in families. We have struggled with Family Based Care many times over the past four years and thought an orphanage would be soooo much easier. There are many positives to Family Based Care but also many negatives. The biggest negative is the lack of control we have regarding the children and their learning environment.

careboysThey go to school for 8 hours a day in a Nigerian school system where cheating is overlooked and teachers send them on personal errands during school lessons. There is no accountability regarding attendance and shame based punishment is the norm. At the end of the school day they go home to a grandma who may not know how to read or speak English. The C.A.R.E. Africa children are kept busy running errands for water, firewood, cooking and childcare such that there is no time for homework or studying for an exam. C.A.R.E. Africa has a policy that no child should be out past 7pm but we do not have the manpower to monitor all the children in our program 24 hours a day.

Two times a week we meet with our children for discipleship. In those 4 hours each week we spend intentional time with our children teaching them about Christ and Christ-like behavior. However, the other 32 hours a week are spent in a less than ideal school system. Some of our children have been accused of stealing, lying, cheating, gambling and other bad behaviors. If we had an orphanage they could start each day with morning devotions, we could guarantee they attend school and make certain they have help with their homework all while showing them the love of Christ.

An orphanage sounds so much easier, right?

But could there be a middle ground?

Something that allows the children to stay within a family but allows us more time to sow into these children. Something that helps us build good character traits and show these children what a relationship with Christ looks like. For the last four years we have wanted to know what this missing piece to the puzzle of Family Based Care is and I thank God He has revealed it to us!

Last Import - 338 of 581OUR OWN SCHOOL – 36 hours a week to demonstrate Christ’s love to these kids.

1. We will hire and train great Christian teachers that walk with the Lord.
2. We will keep the classroom pupil to teacher ratio low so each teacher can have relationship with the children.
3. We will have special classes for children that need extra help in subjects so they can regain their confidence to try and learn.
4. We will teach discipline through correction that doesn’t exasperate the child through shame and fear.
5. We will hold teachers accountable to a different style of teaching that involves discussions, questions and answers so the children can learn to think outside the box.
6. We will know that our children are attending school.

This C.A.R.E. Africa school will be free of fear and shame based learning! This C.A.R.E. Africa school will encourage children to have relationship with each other and their teachers! This C.A.R.E. Africa school will teach children confidence and encourage them to dream of a better future.

1st tutored kidsPray for the five teachers that we have hired for our school. They will come to our city, Jos, for three weeks in August for training. Their eyes will be opened to a different way of teaching and how they can truly make a difference in each child’s life at our school. This 3-week training is critical for these teachers to learn new pathways for effective and compassionate teaching. We cannot do it without financial support. Please consider sponsoring this training which will include transportation to Jos, accommodations and feeding for all five C.A.R.E. Africa teachers. Click TEACHERS to donate to their training.

Transportation is $200
Accommodations is $600
Feeding is $500
TOTAL $1,300 needed for Teacher training.

Screen Shot 2013-12-07 at 8.41.58 AMIt’s been almost five years in Nigeria, almost one year in our new home, and I was feeling almost happy…..

At the beginning of the year, after the holidays, I started feeling very homesick, frustrated, hopeless, and angry. I have always been the glass is half full kind of person so these negative feelings were very foreign to me. I tried to shake them but they overpowered me.

Since moving to Jos from Egbe I had more time for marketing CARE Africa and Spring of Life Egbe, which I love. I have enjoyed building partnerships with other ministries in Jos that in turn were creating new opportunities for CARE Africa in Egbe. The school we are opening in Egbe happened because of a partnership with Foundations Academy in Jos.  So much to be happy about- so why was I so discontent, frustrated and sad?

Since arriving in Jos, I have made a lot of connections, but no real relationships.  I am talking about the kind of relationship where you can be your unaltered self and know you aren’t judged. Instead of doing the work of building new relationships- I turned to books. I love books!  Books are not the problem. Disconnecting was the problem. I chose to stay detached by reading for hours and hours. I would escape to all types of wonderful places and stay there most evenings and weekends.  Disconnecting was nice – I didn’t have to think about the loneliness.

IMG_1230Thankfully God intervened. It took time and discontent, but eventually that soft, faint voice penetrated my soul and stirred my ear.  “Stop escaping, my daughter, to something that isn’t real and escape to Me”.  But my disobedience continued on for months. I didn’t realize that the escaping was making me become more and more dissatisfied with all the genuine blessings surrounding me -this led to DEPRESSION!

Unfortunately I am stubborn and I have to get hit over the head with a hammer before I listen and obey.  Remember the Foundations Academy Egbe school for our CARE Africa children?  Well, I began to experience setbacks and doors being slammed in my face. I knew God put it on the heart of both Emma and I to start this school so why all the obstacles?  I questioned God’s directive and almost walked away from it several times. “God why did you open this door if you didn’t want me to walk through it?” I got a swift answer Disobedience!  “Daughter how can I trust you with something as big as a school when I can’t trust you to be obedient in something as small as putting down your books?”  Ouch! The truth hurts! I do not enjoy pain and suffering so I surrendered my books and repented. “Sorry Daddy for not listening to you. Please forgive me. I’m listening now”.

cb2I felt like a new person. My sense of joy and contentment was restored. Doors started opening in unbelievable ways in my ministry. Not to say I still don’t have moments of homesickness and loneliness, but I have a renewed sense of peace that transcends all understanding.

I almost missed a great opportunity because of disobedience. I almost traded what is genuine, real, and true for something that wasn’t. Almost, but not quite.

Please continue in your prayers for our Foundations Academy Egbe school and if you are interested in helping us you can pray and or donate at

God bless you this day with what is real, genuine, and true.


2014: First set of children at local school.

When C.A.R.E. Africa started we became aware that many of our children were failing classes at their local school. We made the decision to move our children to a better private school.  Two years later we hired teachers to provide special tutoring and lessons. We even pulled some of our children out of school and provided them with one-on-one teaching.  We made the hard decision to have some of our children repeat the grade they were failing.  After all our efforts we still had children who could not read, do basic writing and were completing math at a very low level.  It became evident that we needed to start our own school where we could make certain our children receive the education they so deserve.


1st tutored kids

2017: First Set of Children at C.A.R.E. Center

We are excited to announce that in September of 2018 we will open Foundations Academy Egbe.  This school will be a partnership with Foundations Academy in Jos, Nigeria.  Foundations Academy was founded by a Nigerian, Bayo Oyebade and his American wife, Mary Beth.  Their initial ministry to people living with HIV/AIDS led them to orphan care and with Mary Beth’s teaching background, she quickly realized the need for a better school for their orphans. Foundations Academy opened its doors in 2010 and with their reputation for excellence, it has grown to two locations. Our school in Egbe will become the third Foundations Academy. 

This September we will start classes with 30 C.A.R.E. Africa primary age children.  We will open our nursery level to the community, but we want to ensure our school has a solid foundation before we open the other grade levels to the public. This means we will not have the income from school fees to help offset costs for the first year. We need to raise $7,000 for our start-up costs and $12,000 for one year of operating costs. We have a lot of work to do to get the Center ready by September. All our classrooms need repair work, paint and decor. We need books for our library, student desks, teacher desks, computers, teaching materials, whiteboards, musical instruments, art supplies, ceiling fans, lights, water, fuel for the generator, training for our teachers, a playground, and an industrial printer in addition to so much more.

Please invest in the future of these children by helping us meet our goal of $19,000.  Click on Foundations Academy Egbe to be redirected to our fundraising campaign page for the school and donate today. We believe in education and want our children to become the best they can be.  Your prayers and support are needed. We look forward to hearing from you.  


2018: The beginning of Foundations Academy Egbe. Starting from the left Samson (F.A. Jos Consultant), Marybeth (F.A. Founder), Tofunmi (C.A.R.E. Ops Mgr), Emma (C.A.R.E. Founder and CEO), Patrice (C.A.R.E. Africa Founder and Marketting Mgr)   



outreachWe are excited to announce that our C.A.R.E. Sports Outreach program started last month!  What you may not realize is that before co-founding C.A.R.E Africa, Emma was in sports ministry full time and became known in Egbe as “Coachi”. The Sports Outreach program has been a dream of Emma’s since starting C.A.R.E. Africa in 2014. One of our 2018 goals was to start going into the community to find the voiceless and exhausted instead of waiting for them to come to us. We felt that a Sports Outreach program would be a way we could accomplish this.


The Vessels

The C.A.R.E. Sports Outreach program is both local and national. Every Monday and Friday we have football practice with our Egbe team called “The Vessels”. After practice we have time for discipleship and encouragement with materials such as “Heart of the Champion”. We have also partnered with a local pastor in Egbe who will follow up with any of our youth who decide to accept Christ as their Savior. In addition to our sports program in Egbe, C.A.R.E. Africa will partner with churches in outlying towns such as Kabba, Mopa, Isanlu, Ayetoro, Odo Ere, Idofin and Ikole to conduct the Sports Outreach program. The Egbe team will then travel to play against a C.A.R.E. Africa Sports Outreach team in one of these towns. After each sporting event C.A.R.E. Africa will have a time of evangelism with the youth of that town. Depending on the location, we may be able to show a film and the Egbe team may stay overnight. The pastor of the local church we partner with in each of these towns will help disciple any new believers.

outreach6Each quarter we also plan to host a competition between our Egbe team “The Vessels” and a team outside of and within Egbe that is not connected with the C.A.R.E. Africa Sports Outreach program. The Egbe community really loves sporting events and everyone in the town comes out to watch the game and the presentation of awards. C.A.R.E. Africa will use this time to share the gospel among those that have come to the competition.

We are really excited to see what God is going to do with the C.A.R.E. Africa Sports Outreach program. We do need help as the cost to run the program is about $3,000 a year (or $250 a month). This will cover equipment and transportation costs in addition to evangelism materials. Please consider sponsoring our Sports Outreach program by clicking

Thank-you for walking alongside us and being a part of the ministry of C.A.R.E. Africa.


Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 2.25.07 PM

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 2.05.13 PM

We are so excited to announce that we have a C.A.R.E. Africa van!!

Our Bus Project was a huge success! The staff and children of C.A.R.E. Africa are extremely grateful to all of you who donated to the Bus Project to make our dream a reality.

Check out the video above to see Emma , CEO of C.A.R.E. Africa, commissioning our new vehicle.

We originally had high hopes of being able to get a big bus, however, after a lot of prayer and research a used bus was not recommended. In Nigeria all buses are used for transport of people or goods to and from the major cities. These buses are driven hard over pot holed roads and have not received the necessary maintenance to keep them in good driving condition. Any used bus we looked at in our price range was too sketchy. After prayer and input from knowledgeable people we decided purchasing a used bus was not a risk worth taking.

IMG_0142Once the bus was no longer an option- the search was on for a passenger van. We were blessed to find this van in mint condition, direct off a shipping container in Lagos, Nigeria. It had never been driven on Nigerian roads before. Our fearless mechanic in Egbe, Ayo, looked at it and gave us the thumbs up. After negotiations we have made the purchase and she is already in Egbe, taking kids to and from the C.A.R.E. Africa Center.

Praise the Lord – our C.A.R.E. Africa children no longer have to ride motorcycles on the busy and bumpy federal road!!

Thank-you so much for blessing C.A.R.E. Africa with our new transportation!


Do you participate in an AWANA program?
Do you know someone who does?
If so, please consider approaching the AWANA leadership and ask if they would be willing to partner with an AWANA in Egbe, Nigeria?


Our AWANA program in Egbe, Nigeria meets every Monday. The kids play sports followed by a biblical lesson and of course treats. We have over 200 kids that participate in AWANA. We distribute handouts at each meeting. The kids save every handout and bring them in little folders every Monday. I can only imagine these children getting them out at home and sharing them with their family members. God’s word is being spread through these handouts. The sweets are a special treat the children look forward to. It keeps them coming back to hear God’s word.

The handouts and treats are going to come to an end as we no longer have the funds to support these costs. We will continue the AWANA program, but funding is needed to print handouts and provide treats. We thought it would be so cool to find maybe two AWANA’s in the US that would partner with us at $25 a month each or $50 total. We could send letters, pictures and video back and forth between the AWANA’s. The kids on both sides of the ocean would be so blessed to see and hear from each other.

We of course are not limiting this to an AWANA program. If anyone is interested in helping us continue our AWANA program at the level we feel God has called us to please HELP. Click If you know of an AWANA program that might be willing to team up with us please email me


Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 11.36.58 AM

Meet Ayomide, his grandma and his half brother. He currently is enrolled at C.A.R.E. Africa and needs a sponsor. Click the picture above to watch this video to see our home visit with is family.

All new intakes at C.A.R.E. Africa receive a home visit after their application interview in the office. This allows us to see the environment they live in. We can then determine if the child is being cared for appropriately and if there are any environmental issues like sanitation that need to be addressed for the health of the child. We are also able to ask more questions to see if the families story is the same as when we did the initial interview in the office. Overall the home visit is verifying with our own eyes that the child and the caregiver are truly vulnerable and exhausted and need C.A.R.E. Africa’s help.

If you are interested in sponsoring Ayomide please email me at or click Sponsorship is $35 a month but any amount you can help with would be greatly appreciated.