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SLC 2018 SIM Nigeria Family

We had just a little bit of fun at SLC Conference 2018. Click on the picture above to see a great video of our fun time at Miango put together by my favorite videographer, my husband!


Enjoy Psalms 143:8 The Message

Posted: January 12, 2018 by Patrice Miles in Patrice Miles, Prayer, SIM

Someone sent me this verse yesterday and I just had to share in case anyone else was needing to hear it too!

Psalms 143:8

A “Future Story” with C.A.R.E. Africa

Posted: January 10, 2018 by Patrice Miles in C.A.R.E. Africa, Nigeria, Orphans, Prayer, SIM

IMG_9495 2I am reading a book called “A Framework For Understanding Poverty”. The four things that move you out of poverty are employment, education, relationships, and a future story. C.A.R.E. Africa focuses on education and our programs allow us to build relationships with our kids so we can teach them about Jesus and their future story.

I recently was blessed to get to invest into two of our oldest C.A.R.E. kids, Michael and Toyin. Michael wants to join the Nigerian Army and is an amazing boy with goals and vision. He was brought to me almost four years ago by Shola who worked in our home. He was her neighbor and his mother was unable to pay school fees so he was just roaming about. I paid his school fees and a month later saw him walking in the town during school hours.  I asked why he wasn’t in school and he told me his teachers were on strike b/c they hadn’t been paid in 6 months.  IMG_9561I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t just pay school fees and think that itwould help children like Michael. I had to be involved in their lives. Michael is one of the reasons C.A.R.E. Africa was started.

Toyin is another amazing story. Click Toyin Story 1 and Toyin Story 2 to see past blogs on him.

I brought Michael and Toyin to Jos for some special lessons for their WAEC and JAMB testing. These test are equivalent to the SAT/ACT in the states. These two boys have shown great attitude and perseverance in their time with us at C.A.R.E. We wanted to invest in them so that they can be as prepared as possible for these exams.

IMG_9562I will have to say bringing these two boys out of the village for the first time and into the city was one of the funnest things I have ever done. They had their first ice cream, their first paved roads with paint on them, first traffic lights, their first tall building (taller than two stories), their first indoor market (grocery store), their first movie in a theatre, their first shopping mall, their first zoo with live animals, first pancakes and syrup, and so much more. Their minds were completely opened to how much God loves and values them but also to a whole world out there.

Please pray for these boys to do excellent on their WAEC/JAMB testing. Pray for us to find out how to get Michael into the Nigerian Army School and for the finances for his schooling. Pray for Toyin to discern his calling and make some big decisions on what he would like to pursue for higher education.





We Couldn't do this without you

You are one of those….. “We couldn’t do this without you” people. You are one of those…. that shows up for us. You are one of those…. we lean on. You are one of those…. that allows us to do what we do in Nigeria.

You have housed us longer than is socially acceptable.
You have made meals for us or taken us out to eat.
You have licked envelopes for us.
You have sent encouraging emails and notes to us.
You have prayed for us.
You have raised early in the morning to go to the airport for us.
You have hefted 20, 50 lb. bags for us.
You have run to the store and shipped weird items to people coming to Nigeria for us.
You have loaded items on containers for us.
You have helped us with some piece of  paperwork for a passport, taxes and or insurance.
You have slipped cash in our pocket.
You have mailed Christmas cards for us.
You have shared our story with others who now support us.
You have worked long hours at a CARE Africa booth for us.
You have raised money for us.
You have boarded a plane to come and visit us.
You have worked a job so you can quietly, faithfully make a donation to us.

You are the unsung heroes of the faith.

Goers get the praise, but senders are the saints. Without you, our kingdom work in Nigeria would deflate. You are the helium in our balloons, the gas in our engines, the sugar in our cookies. Goers know there would be no going without the sending.

You are one of those….. “We couldn’t do this without you” people. You understand our passion, you see our calling, and say, “Yes. I am here for you”. Chances are, we haven’t thanked you enough, not enough to reflect all that you mean to us, to our work.

We want to take this Christmas season to tell you that we are so thankful for all the big and small ways you support us. Truly, we could not be if it weren’t for you.

wishing you a merry

This was my second visit to Egbe since moving to Jos. I was so impressed with my team and how great they are doing. We were very busy of course meeting with various community leaders, interviewing new children for our programs and also preparing for Christmas. Check out some of the photos of my trip!


Baba and his wife our chief encourager! He comes to the CARE center a few times a month and prays with my staff and encourages them,


Writing to their penpals in the states.


Last AWANA of the year.


Last AWANA of the year. 


Home Visit to a new intake.


New Intake Visit


CARE staff


Christmas Cards for the sponsors.



December Birthdays


Last CARE Africa Child Celebration of the month. They all received a package of clothes, jollof rice, drinks, and candy.


Secretary Cecilia……accounting, accounting, accounting, accounting!


My babies


Clothing Donation


Clothing packages for the kids.


Caregiver check ups.


Donation from the states for the caregivers. 


Someone gave the money they would have given for teacher appreciation gifts to us for food for our caregivers and the kids. They will be putting this picture in each card for the teacher letting them know what their gift went towards.


Gifts from sponsors



Caregiver presentation of the CARE Africa fabric for all events.


Dinner under the moon with Chief Doyin and his wife. Chief continues to support us with wise counsel as he is known by the Ilegbe of Egbe as the Egbe Encyclopedia. 



My daugher, Titi.


Our visitors leaving their mark on our center.


Meeting with the King to discuss the future of CARE Africa and their recommendations.


Tofunmi (Secretary Cecilia’s baby)….our mascot


Mommy and Me! Our Caregiver Manager


Quick stop to the Fulani village to say hello. Do you recognize this women. She is on the Miles in Missions brochure.


My amazing and fearless driver. I don’t know what I would do without him.


Packed and loaded for the journey back to Jos. Notice some Nigerians in the back……story in the upcoming week.


Nothing Good Comes Easy

Giving Tuesday

Today is #GivingTuesday! There is Black Friday, Cyber Monday and #GivingTuesday. Would you please share this with everyone you know that might be interested in supporting any of our ministries in Nigeria. Thanks for helping us share and create awareness!

C.A.R.E. Africa Bus Project

Miles in Missions

Spring of Life HIV/AIDS Center

Christmas Presents

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Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 11.47.22 AM

December is almost here and everyone will be out looking for that perfect Christmas present. Why not buy from the C.A.R.E. Africa store this Christmas? You will help support our ministry in Egbe while also getting some amazing hand made items for your friends, family memeber, teachers and neighbors. Check us out on Etsy and place your order today!