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care booth 7We are back in Nigeria now in a new home and a new town. C.A.R.E. Africa continues forward with it’s work in Egbe. In the States, Diana Beville and team will persist in thier goal of supporting the mission with direct child sponsorship, sale of goods, and spreading the word. WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please consider volunteering with C.A.R.E. Africa in several ways.


#1 Sign up to volunteer your time at our booth at one of the following fairs. Children are welcome to come and help too!

care booth 6
List of remaining markets for 2017
*Sept 2 (Saturday) = Fleur de Flea @ Waterfront
*Sept 8-9 (Friday & Saturday) = Middletown FFF
*Oct 14 (Saturday) = Portland Christian School Fall Festival
*Oct 28-29 (Saturday & Sunday) = Flea Off @ Highlands
*Nov 4 (Saturday) = Flea Off @ NuLu
*Nov 9-11 (Thursday-Saturday)= GMHC 2017 Global Missions Health Conference @ Southeast Christian Church
Email Diana at if you can help at any of these events.

care booth 3#2 Donate your money to sponsor our booth. Any amount is helpful and allows more of our profits to go to C.A.R.E. kids education.

We have 3 events this fall requiring booth fees. Would you please consider sponsoring in part or whole one of these fees for C.A.R.E.?
*$75 = Sept 2 – Fleur de Flea (on the Waterfront)
*$150 = Sept 8&9 – Middletown Family Fun Festival
                                                                                  *$700 = Nov 9-11 – Global Missions Health Conference 

care booth 2While I was stateside, CARE made some exciting steps forward.
-C.A.R.E. now accepts credit cards!
-C.A.R.E. now has a PayPal account!
.A.R.E. has an Etsy store manager!
-C.A.R.E. is now officially a non-profit in the state of Kentucky and a 501c3 charitable organization! 😃 All donations are tax-deductable. You can donate towards a booth by clicking or you can mail a check payable to C.A.R.E. Africa to Diana. Please email her for her address as I don’t want to make it public.

Email Diana at if you can help at any of these events. care booth 5


CARE booth

I can’t believe it has been 2 weeks since we stepped foot into Jos. We have been busy unpacking, visiting ministries and having dinners with the Jos community. See the last two weeks in a glance…..

Louisville Airport Departure w/ 5 extra FREE bags!

Picking up the babies

Heading to Jos

Mom taking it all in



Bringing the Load

I started Driving School

Our first dinner in our home

Ground Nut Butter!!

Jolie’s 1st playdate.

Buying fabric for curtains

Visiting the Widows Ministry

Me wearing out mom and Cason

First delivery pizza!

Fresh roasted coffee to my door.

Our living room coming small small.

Reconnecting with friends.

Jolie’s homeroom teacher and principal at her desk.

Cason’s new lunchman!

First day of school!

Amazing visit at Faith Alive Hospital

Mom buying ground nut on the road.
















What is SIM?

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Please take a couple of minutes to watch this new video highlighting SIM. If you’ve ever had questions about SIM or what its goals are, then you need to watch this. This was created by our media departments in the USA, but many of the scenes are from Egbe Hospital where we’ve served for the last four years. Let me know if any of it looks familiar to you!

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 11.59.39 AM.png

Lost Connection

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Moving Day

We are back in Nigeria and in Jos. As we unpack all our boxes and luggage and move into our new home my mind is still in the U.S. I continue to think about my family, friends and supporters that we spent time with. So many people living life and experiencing joys and hurts. I loved getting to hear it all and understand how to pray for each person. This joy also brings heartache as now I am so far away from everyone that I got to share life with for 3 months. I want to stay connected….I want to know and hear about everything going on….I want to know the joys and the hurts of the ones I love back in the U.S.

How do I do that 5 hours ahead of most and 8 hours ahead of others. With unreliable internet and cell service, how can I stay connected? Facebook is wonderful when used as a way to stay connected but it also only shows me what people want to show. It isn’t going to let mesee your hearts. I also know that as life in Nigeria unfolds and work starts with the lost and needy, I will grow deeper into my relationships here and the relationships in the U.S. will start to take a backseat. I know this from experience from my last home assignment and I don’t want that to happen again. I don’t want to be disconnected from all those I love, but I also know that in some ways I have to be in order to have time for those God has called me to serve.


Nigerian Landscape

I haven’t figured out this balance yet. Just know that if you are reading this….I would love to hear from you. 1st world problems are different than 3rd world problems, but problems are problems. We all feel and our emotions are real to us no matter if we live in Africa or in America. Please stay connected with me. Email me or Facebook me if you are needing prayer or if you want to share a joy. It helps me feel connected to you and also lets me know how I can be praising the Lord with you or praying for you.


What Will You Miss?

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When we were in Nigeria thinking about spending 3 months in the U.S. it seemed like that was such a long time to stay. It has gone by soooo fast and feels like we just got here. As you read this blog post we will have already started the first of three flights in our 24-hour travel over the ocean. Before we left we were asked over and over again “What will we miss the most from the U.S.A.” Here are the answers in order of importance.


  1. Internet (yes this was more important than family, I did ask.)
  2. Family and friends
  3. Food (Sushi)


  1. Family and friends (sleepovers with cousins in particular.)
  2. Food (Cheese Dip and Chips)
  3. Netflix


  1. Family
  2. Food (Mexican)
  3. Ease of everything. You can get so much accomplished so easily.


  1. Family and Friends
  2. Sleeping in the Air Conditioning under a blanket.
  3. Food (Bakery items)
  4. Unlimited resources at your fingertips.
  5. The giving spirit of our community and how easy it is to ask and receive.

Saying goodbye is always bittersweet. We were able to visit with so many friends and family members but there was also so many we did not get to see. We are so sorry if we didn’t get time with you but you know who you are and you know our hearts are with you. Thank you for everyone that donated resources, time, money and for everyone that is praying and continues to pray for our family. We love you all….see you in 2 Years!


















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This is our second home assignment (HA) since leaving for Nigeria in 2013. During the first HA, we experienced culture shock and I was ready to get back to my simple life in Nigeria as quickly as possible. Now that we are experiencing our second HA, things seem a little different. After 4 years in the field, we have experienced some really tough times in Nigeria and I questioned God many times asking … “Are you still there?”

During these few months home in the USA, I am finding that I am enjoying all the Western comforts a lot more than last time at HA. I catch my entrepreneurial brain seeing different businesses and thinking, “Hey I could do that and then have a Biznistry that could support all my ministries in Nigeria.” Wow, that would so much easier and then I could stop sacrificing all these family memories, foods I love, and weather I miss soooo much.

God spoke to me this morning through I Samuel 27:1 “David thought to himself”….that is where it all begins for me. When I start thinking I know better than him. David basically was tired of Saul trying to kill him. David was supposed to be a king and instead he was living in the wilderness. I was tired of reading David and King Saul’s’ saga before I came to I Samuel 27, were David is finally tired of it too. He decided to go and live with the idol worshipers (Philistines). He even takes all 600 of his men and their families with him. He never consults God but just does it.

Later in the chapter we find David has backslid and has become a robber, murder, and liar. Wow….what happened to the strong David that killed Goliath with a sling shot?

This has reminded me of how easy it is to backslide when we are tired, exhausted, or just dealing with obstacles or unknowns. We want to know what is next and when it isn’t clear, we get anxious like David. In anxiousness, frustration, and/or exhaustion we make rash decisions. These decisions not only affect us but they affect everyone around us. Like the 600 men and their families with David, our decisions can affect generations to come.

During these times we need to look at our history with God and ask ourselves….How many times has God provided for me? How many times has God given me the desires of my heart? How many times has God helped me slay a Goliath in my lifeOur history with him and so many other Christians shows over and over again that his way is the best way in the end. Our ways can lead us backsliding away and before we know it we are living a life we never intended like David. I don’t want that! I am so thankful this morning God reminded me of how sweet life can be when we wait on him to bless us and not try and make decisions based on our own human thoughts and feelings.

Deuteronomy 31:8

The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.”

Wow! The last 3 weeks of our lives have been absolutely filled with fun, laughter and answered prayers! We left Louisville for Bluffton SC to see our friends and supporters along with a new church partner.  Then we were off to Charlotte to see family, friends, and supporters. As well as reconnected with some Egbeites. Last but not least we flew to LA to see more family, meet with a church partner, and volunteer at their High School church camp. See pictures below……

South Carolina Visit


Bebee Team headed to Egbe in July


Bebee Kids and Miles Kids fun

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 11.35.24 AM

New Church Partner

North Carolina Visit


SIM shot, shots, and shots


Doughnuts w/ Sister In Law


Egbeites Reconnected


Jolie & Testimony reunited


All the Cousins and Friends


Jos, Nigeria in N.C.


Lenny Sharing the Vision @ SIM


More Egbeite time in N.C.


Camping w/ the Polsgroves

California Visit

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 11.40.03 AM


Shepherd High School Camp


Time w/ a brother from another mother


Cousin Time


Father’s Day in Hollywood



Barnyard Boogie Night

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 12.22.23 PM

Shepherd Church Partner










Back to North Carolina for some rest…..


Happy Birthday Cason